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    Leave de wife in with de house and I'll buy it also make sure der r chicken nuggies in the fridge

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    Catharine should have her own channel cause she is fine af if he can cheat she should be out getting strange meat.... what a rockin body she got.

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    I'm a big FANNNN 🙂🙂🙂

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    Damn Austin give Catherine a break from the kids🙄 why bring them all in there while she’s working out?

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    💙💙💙💙💙💙🔮 Instagram blocked me from commenting for the Tesla so here I am lol

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    double the price value sold in my eye's

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    No offense . . . Although, Elle had happened to pick her nose. . 6:05

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    Beautiful kids

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    I feel uncomfortable for his kids

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    I'm surprised y 'all ain't say Elle was abusing Catherine when she smacked her bum

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    done :)

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    Can you play amog US 🙋‍♂️

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    Bitches just get kids to farm money off of them

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    I wish I could help you organize your closet!! I’ve helped so many friends. It’s so much fun and enjoy it a lot!

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    Am I the only kpop stan that thinks Catherine looks like hwasa

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    It's so sweet Austin playing with the kids bc u don't c dads doing stuff like that with their kids.

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    Did you now the vid whas being copy rited

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    Steel is Austin’s twin

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    Steele has the fullest head of hair!! He’s so unbelievably adorable!!! Makes me want a baby!! 💙💙💙

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    Catherine should start her own channel!!!

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    5:04 🙀 they need to DISCPLINE Elle

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    Lack of knowledge people perish...all those whose against Austin and wanting Catherine do her own channel... this channel is complete because two people are involved with different vibes so the channel does not go boring...and remember what God put together no man can separate 🤷 stop with the negative shittt jeeez😏

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    in roblox they literally showed your house ace family and it looked the same way as your house its crazy

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    i cant believe people can get this rich from acting stupid and exploiting their children for money

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    this is the dumbest fuckin channel i've ever seen

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    Ellie looks so cute and when her hair is in a ponytail it’s so cute and her hair is long the ace family is one of my favorite IRbin urs I love them so much Ellie lay lay and steel all cute

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    Elle just slap Catherine a$$ and Austen just laugh

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    I have played among us with Elle

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    the jaya sri . I am Hindu I am from India . I am there in Hyderabad I all right subscribed to age family . I love you age family I love your kids there are so sweet . I love you age family . I love you so much . age family . I for get to say I am kid my age is 13 . bye age family

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    Missing that everything is possible intro song.... Pls! Bring that back for next intro........

  • Himanshi Patel
    Himanshi Patel

    Missing that everything is possible intro song.... Pls! Bring that back for next intro........

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    Alexis Gonzalez

    The Home Edit is so awesome! I would love to see an episode of them organizing your house! It’s so asthetically pleasing 🤍 love you ace fam

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    Love you so much baby boy you look so cute every time my name is Skylar Grace is family I know what your name is know who your kids are Saleya an owl L and Alia Alia not Leah L and Aaliyah

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    Good so you aren't harassing your neighbors

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    hey Catherine if u have Netflix look up "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" and see how she helps with the house and clothes

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      @Mohamed Jamal I am trying it out now. Looks promising.

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      i dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Find it on google :)

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      No you should never pay of your mortgage off quickly unless you have a high interest rate

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      Yah that is a lot of stuff

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      so much ords cant read


    Anyone else noticed when ell touched Catherine but

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    I love ur cloths Catherine love u!❤️

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    i think im part of your fam because my gram last name is mcbroom

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    These people only had kids for clout I swear. Wonder if they ever play with their kids off camera considering they’re vlogging most days...yikes

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    You’re so dramatic Austin do you know that she made Elle Beautiful

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    Love u guys stay safe

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    The kidsss are sooooo cute I just can't

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    Catherine needs her own show with her and the kids and not with Austin! Austin is annoying and creeps me out.. something is off about that dude🤔but I could listen to Catherine anytime and she could give makeup and styling tips and even mommy tips !

  • John Lemon
    John Lemon

    I feel like he’s forcing her to have babies


    Catherine needs her own channel

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    Austin you left your shirt at my place just don't show this to your wife

  • Trapped in the Abyss • 82 years ago
    Trapped in the Abyss • 82 years ago

    12:45 Why you clicked on this video.

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    Tigershark Gaming

    I see how women are judging by the constant garbage in the comment section So you use... to make the babies and then decide y’know what I don’t fucking want you no more you can fuck off I’m taking the kids and leaving, like bruh.

  • billy joe
    billy joe

    You’re disgusting, why would you slap your child’s butt sexually? And in the video she seems like she is used to it, that’s even more disgusting.

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    Taifour Diakhaby

    I love you ans

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    George Maddox

    I love the love for Catherine! But damn show bro bro some love too y’all! He’s one of many GREAT IRbinrs

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  • Nur Samiha Mahbub
    Nur Samiha Mahbub

    Has anyone ever noticed that every child of Austin and Catherine looks exactly the same at their young age? If you don't believe me, go and check out their videos of the same age groups (3 months) for every child. you'll find out yourself.

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    alyssa nicole

    austin be so proud to be a dad especially now he has a son lol🤍

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    Steel kinda ugly

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    It would be smart to sell the house 🏠

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    You could sort your clothes out in rainbow I did my mum’s and mine it looked way cleaner even though it might not sound I hope you see this and try it out even though I am a child

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    It’s a company called The Home Edit u can also follow them of Instagram

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    U should contacts the home edit they help u be very organized and help u organize ur things u should for sure ask them