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  • Ayleen Campos
    Ayleen Campos

    baby mom

  • Karolen Goreyoka
    Karolen Goreyoka

    Omg the cutest baby ever 😍 he looks like just his dad 😍😘

  • taijah washington
    taijah washington

    I feel like they say "Steel boy" bc if they just say Steel it will sound weird 🤣🤣 And elle talks so clearly now shes getting so big!! 🥺💕 And lai lai is the cutest omgg! Shes so cute and always a mood! 🤣🤣❤❤

  • Ireca Sapong
    Ireca Sapong


  • Giselle Guerrero Calzada
    Giselle Guerrero Calzada

    Alaïa look so so cute in 3:11

  • Fernando Zarraga Valladolid
    Fernando Zarraga Valladolid

    Do it pussy make it

  • Yvette Tuel
    Yvette Tuel

    Definetly looking like Austin's twin...Totally got me with the ear piercing lol. I was omg with out Catherine..But, I love you guys and thank you for your time and love and I send my love prayers


    Look like daddy

  • Keilani Neal
    Keilani Neal


  • stephanie arthurs
    stephanie arthurs

    Y'all are so cute Austin u r so cute

  • Janet Ortiz
    Janet Ortiz

    He looks just like Catherine and the girls. She has some strong genes.

  • Jonah Broly Cousins
    Jonah Broly Cousins

    Steel just look Austin

  • Deborah Walters
    Deborah Walters

    Love you guys

  • Yolanda

    Not funny at all

  • Amanda Battle
    Amanda Battle

    This video was so cute🥺🥺😍😍

  • Amanda Battle
    Amanda Battle

    I can’t with Steel’s dimples🥺🥺🥺🥺 He is TOO cute omg!!!!!!!

  • Emily Bermudez
    Emily Bermudez

    He look so cute steel looks just like Austin 😂😁

  • AA

    IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?! 10:12 💀

  • Luciana McDowell
    Luciana McDowell

    L you are so cute

  • OFFICAL T, J & A
    OFFICAL T, J & A

    Steel is so handsome 🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Glendy Najera
    Glendy Najera

    they should do picture list next time with the word next to it!

  • Jessica Masters
    Jessica Masters


  • Chris


  • keepingupwithmiranda

    Oh my gooooodnessss he’s the cutest thing EVERRRR😭😭😭😍😍😍

  • Garoonisa Moosa
    Garoonisa Moosa

    Steel be 9 months old with a whole mouth of teeth I'm shook😁

  • keepingupwithmiranda

    All the kids look exactly like y’all 😭. lol there is NOOOO wayyyyy of denying them 😂. (Not that y’all would want too lol), but it’s so crazy how strong the genes are


    Way to go for same way right what is the 😜and on the other Your will long free kick not be a lot of life or ok 👌is Monday so if you want this l P.O.screen and contact with the same😘😘😘😘😘😘😘love you

  • Trinity Love
    Trinity Love

    He did a amazing job 🔥💯❤️

  • Riqeita Cahya Novianti
    Riqeita Cahya Novianti

    OMG, he's look like his daddy. He is a growing so fast. I love you steel♥♥

  • Matthew Zubieta
    Matthew Zubieta

    Team Austin all the way

  • Lovely.

    Your gonna lose in the boxing ring 😂

  • Sofia Lara
    Sofia Lara

    I love them!! But seriously is not healthy for a baby to eat fries, I love you guys, take care

  • Amber Alexa Pulido
    Amber Alexa Pulido

    Love you guys!!!

  • Falefasa Sea
    Falefasa Sea

    Steel stop growing up so fast 😩 You too Lai Lai and Elle 🥲 THIS FAMILY IS SO CUTE ❤️

  • Zainab Ibrahim
    Zainab Ibrahim

    Lai lai we wanna see day of lai lai only how she does

  • Nancy Bauernfeind
    Nancy Bauernfeind

    He sure dont need the fries .

  • Jennifer Perez
    Jennifer Perez

    When Catherine told Austin to “shhh”😂😂😂😂 The face Austin made tho😂😂😂😂 3:04

  • Kimberly Álvarez
    Kimberly Álvarez

    Yes you can it’s called protein style for in-n-out

  • Falefasa Sea
    Falefasa Sea

    Catherine looks so good in anything 😩 LIKEEE GIRL GIVE ME THAT BODY SO I CAN USE IT FOR SUMMER 😭

  • Kelii __
    Kelii __

    His make up is slayed!!! James Charles watch out lol

  • Nancy Bauernfeind
    Nancy Bauernfeind

    your baby boy has so many rolls he is a doll where did that come from you and wife are small he is precious .

  • Dejanae Lattore
    Dejanae Lattore

    Catherine's actrng skills are to notch..............ily Catherine

  • Dixie Diaz
    Dixie Diaz

    Is it just me or steely looks exactly like catherine 😍😍

  • Benjamin Rivas
    Benjamin Rivas

    el paso tx

  • Jazmin Riojas
    Jazmin Riojas

    Ace Family Always

  • Falefasa Sea
    Falefasa Sea

    Steel is such a cute baby. He’s so handsome. He’s so chubby. 😩 Austin literally said “copy and paste” cause Steel is his twin 😭 Aweee he’s so grown up❤️

  • priciela Cruz
    priciela Cruz

    I'm 3 years late but I'm still here

  • Yarisa Guzman
    Yarisa Guzman

    9:27, poor Catherine, she didn’t want this, she didn’t even want the first haircut 😕😕

  • Nevaeh Lua
    Nevaeh Lua

    No one talks about how Steel looks like Catherine’s dad!

  • Yarisa Guzman
    Yarisa Guzman

    9:27 I knew in Catherine’s look that she didn’t want this 😔

  • Kelii __
    Kelii __



    what's wrong with this man doing that to his child, he got issues. Let the baby be a baby he doesn't need to be you!

  • Jen Milam
    Jen Milam

    Awwwwwwwwww😍 im sorry Austin but he is alllllllllll Catherine☺😂 lol those lips!!!!! omgoshhhh guyssss he's soooooo cuuutttteeeeeee😇🥰💙

  • Amy Cortez
    Amy Cortez

    Your kids are super adorable 💘

  • hernan santana
    hernan santana


  • Gracie And Chloe
    Gracie And Chloe

    I love their vibe their energy is soo positive and the confidence is AMAZING I love it!

  • Wendu Zurikz
    Wendu Zurikz

    He looks so much like catherinee

  • Daniel Pineda
    Daniel Pineda

    i dislike bc i only like royalty family your ugly Catherine and austin

    • Youtube User
      Youtube User

      Shut up

  • Razard


  • Rainbow

    Omg steels arms are so cuteeeee

  • Vashti Singh
    Vashti Singh

    U guys are crape

    • Youtube User
      Youtube User

      You cant even spell idiot

  • Rorry

    You turned him into you? so what hes gonna abuse his mom?

  • Kelii __
    Kelii __


  • Ksa Ksa
    Ksa Ksa

    I love u guys

  • Maimouna Sy
    Maimouna Sy


  • Mercedes Williams
    Mercedes Williams


  • kaliyah wright
    kaliyah wright

    Oh heck nah she cheating

  • Olivia Ash
    Olivia Ash

    Catherine will beat you and eat 50 nuggets

  • Messin' With The Kings
    Messin' With The Kings

    CONGRATS!!! We're so happy for you :)

  • Melanie Johnson
    Melanie Johnson

    Hahaha I am a fan can I be in your family

  • Livinia Esther
    Livinia Esther

    Cute bnget lildada

  • Ava’s YT
    Ava’s YT

    I just love the first part of the video when you first press on it I keep on going back to it 😭😭

  • Sharmaine Greaves
    Sharmaine Greaves

    I Love you Ace family

  • Aubri

    Steel looks like Elle from when she was a baby to now

  • Luke Schriever
    Luke Schriever

    Austin is getting K.O.ed

  • Sainey Dibba
    Sainey Dibba

    10000000000’00000000000’00000 10000000000000’0000000000000

  • Katherines Ways
    Katherines Ways

    Catherine your so beautiful 💕

  • Jollilicious

    Why does Elle look most of the time like she doesn’t want to be on camera.

    • Danielle Huffman-Hanni
      Danielle Huffman-Hanni

      Because she probably doesn't. She's old enough to start realizing what a load of crap this all is. Pity their fan base can't figure it out.

  • Sainey Dibba
    Sainey Dibba

    10000000000’000000 100000000000’0000000